Head Chef, Patrick, affectionately called “Chef” has been cooking for over 35 years. He recalls sneaking out his mother’s dutchy pot and head for Colney Island, famously known for its gambling houses to cook and sell to the occupants. From there to owning his own little Cook shop in Clarendon where he would be up from early to serve people on their way to work with breakfast.

He was known for his delicious fried dumplings, festivals and jerk chicken. Since living in the UK for over 20 years, Patrick has cooked in various restaurants across the UK and has carried his passion for cooking meals in the authentic way using herbs and spices from Jamaica.

Patrick’s flair for cooking comes from days he would spend in the kitchen with his grandmother as a child. He learnt from young that the taste comes from the ability to get the right types of seasoning coinciding with the right amount. His dedication to cooking is greatly admired from all who have had the privilege of tasting his hands. Patrick and his cooking is a complete love affair.

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Assistant Chef is none other than his wife, Anita, who counts herself blessed to have a husband who shares the same dreams and passion for food. A Caterer in her own right for many years, delights herself in cooking and having friends and family around, believes that Patrick and she makes an awesome team. They both believe in cooking the authentic way, cutting no corners, and giving people value for their money.

Anita is no stranger to business, as she created the well known Jewel Isle Rum Punch and was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year Award and won the GWIIN Silver Award as British Female Inventor and Innovator in the Exceptional Creative Category. She created new flavours that were unheard of in the early years of cocktails.

Anita credits her curiosity for experimental cooking from her days with her father. “My father who came to the UK in the late 50s had to cut his stay in the UK short as I was very ill and was advised by the Doctors that I stood a better chance of survival in a tropical country. After returning to Jamaica in 1963, my father adopted the concept of the pub and brought it to Jamaica. He, therefore, ran 3 pubs with restaurants, so she believes that cooking is in her blood. “Patrick and I are both carrying out our parent’s legacy of cooking”.

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